After winning the gold medal, Neeraj Chopra has dedicated his medal to the legendary Indian athlete Milkha Singh.

The dream flowed like a tear from the eyes of Milkha Singh, PT Usha, today Neeraj Chopra has lived that dream by winning the gold medal. The century-old wait in track and field is over. Honored India in athletics. Got the first Olympic gold medal. After 13 years, the national anthem is played in the Maha Kumbh of the Games. The tricolor is hoisted at the top.

Milkha Singh’s dream was fulfilled after leaving the world.

Athletics has its own distinct existence in the Olympic Games. Tradition and prestige. Medals have come from shooting, wrestling, boxing, hockey, but India has never been able to finish the podium in track and field.

PT Usha said – thank you, my son.

In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, PT Usha reached the final of the women’s 400m hurdles. PT Usha, popularly known as Udan Pari, had missed out on winning the medal by a hundredth of a second, just like Milkha Singh. He felt proud when Neeraj brought the medal.

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